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ProDev Management Pty Ltd is a boutique property management, development and consulting company experienced in all stages of the property development process including structuring and funding, site selection, planning, design, construction, project management, sales and marketing.

We have extensive experience and knowledge across a wide range of development and investment sectors and offer a range of services and partnering opportunities.

Services include

Consultancy and project management services to private, government and corporate land owners, developers and investors

Outright purchase for development and / or long term investment

Joint venturing with investors seeking the financial returns typically derived from property development and investment activities

Joint venturing with property owners seeking more active participation in development opportunities on land you own or purchase

Providing a range of property development servcesProDev provides a range of development, project management and consulting services as well as partnering and direct investment. We have actively participated in various roles across many sectors including:.

Property development can be a complicated process and is not without its risks - experience and knowledge are crucial in ensuring returns are optimised and risks are properly managed. Regardless of the nature of the individual project, ProDev's focus is to minimise downside, optimise financial outcomes and deliver quality, all working in a transparent, ethical and professional manner.

We have deliberately not cluttered our website with volumes of self-serving claims and rhetoric. Our successes have been and will continue to be, based on strong personal relationships and solid results. We are confident that we can demonstrate our capabilities and deliver competitive results. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your property interests and aspirations and how ProDev may be able to assist you in achieving your commercial and investment objectives.

The Prodev team provides a range of property development expertise ranging from legal, project management, design, construction management and general consultancy. Read More